Briarwood Animal Clinic

1621 W 86th St
Indianapolis, IN 46260


Come Visit Us!

Your first visit to Briarwood is a big step for your pet. To best help with a lifetime of quality care, we want the first visit to be as pleasant as possible. Please ask our receptionist to schedule you with a one-hour "new patient" visit.

This should allow ample time to discuss your pet's needs and health issues.  For the puppies and kittens, playtime in the clinic is important to make the first visit a positive one.  Adult pets, who may already be nervous about car rides, might not feel like playing here, but we can give them positive attention to help establish friendship.


On your first visit, please bring:

1) Any medical records you have on your pet, including prior illnesses, laboratory results, and vaccinations. Other history is helpful such as the diet your pet eats, and any medications or supplements that you use.
2) A list of your concerns or questions.
3) A stool sample for parasite analysis.
4) Cash, debit or credit card is required for payment; checks are also accepted with prior approval.